Learn Thai Massage 

Anyone in good health can learn Thai yoga massage.   Prior experience with yoga and massage is not required, however scheduling a session before registering for Level 1 is a good idea to meet Anthony and experience what you will be learning.  I am committed to training skilled practitioners and mentoring all students to certification.

I encouraged you to suggest  dates if the published dates for Level 1 do not fit your schedule.  Dates for Level 2 and 3 are chosen by continuing students. Courses normally proceed with a min. of two students.  All students receive personal instruction.  All massage moves are demonstrated (you get to see it), guided (you get to perform it), guided again (you get to receive it) with feed-back from other students and the instructor. OM Yoga Studio & School of Thai Massage is an approved provider by NCBTMB (National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork).

The Practitioner's Certification is awarded after completion of level 3 and documented practice massage. Each level includes a supervision (total 3 supervisions = 9 hrs of private instruction at no additional cost!)  During the supervision, you review what you have learned as you perform and receive a massage with the instructor.

Note:  This course includes asana (yoga posture warm-up exercises), metta meditation on loving kindness and chanting the Wai Khru a traditional Buddhist prayer honoring the physician of the Buddha.

Thai Massage Courses: (Tuition is $595 per level or $1500 for all 3 Levels to Certification)

Thai Yoga Massage - Level 1: In this 5 day introductory course, you'll learn to perform a 90-minute Thai yoga massage and the basics. 30 NCBTMB credits/hours.  $595

Thai Yoga Massage - Level 2:  Learn an additional 90 min. of massage. $595

30 NCBTMB credits/hours.

Thai Yoga Massage - Level 3: Learn advanced Thai massage techniques for different body types with a discussion of sen lines, ayurveda and marma point therapy. This course completes certification.  30 NCBTMB hrs. $595

Table Thai Massage Courses: (Tuition is $295 per level or $800 for all 3 Levels)

Table Thai - Level 1: During this 2 day introductory course, you will learn how to perform a 90-minute Thai yoga massage adapted for the table. Training in table Thai techniques are suitable for LMTS and practitioners prefer not to practice traditional Thai massage on the floor. 12 NCBTMB hrs. $295

Table Thai - Level 2: Learn additional Thai table techniques. 12 NCBTMB hrs. $295

Table Thai - Level 3: Learn advanced Thai massage techniques, including sitting positions.  12 NCBTMB hrs. $295

To REGISTER contact Anthony 937-299-7756. You will be requested to submit $150 of your tuition to reserve your space.