Schedule Thai Yoga Massage

Schedule Thai Yoga Massage

To schedule a Thai Yoga Massage please call Anthony at 937-299-7756. (Note: Land line-no text)
90 Minute Session - $90
60 Minute Session - $60
Also offering Table Massage - 60 Minute Session - $60
Or schedule a Vata Pacifying Ayruvedic Massage w/ Shirodhara (oil pour on 3rd eye) & Nadi Swehana (hosed steam to joints) - 120 minutes- $120
Attend Kripalu Yoga Classes

Yoga Class Times & YTT

Please reserve your walk-in space by calling 937-299-7756 at least 10 min. before class. (Note- Land line no text). Choose your own class times 24 hr. in advance!
New Times:
Sunday at 3:00pm
Monday at 5:15pm
Fridays at 6:00pm (Men's Yoga)
Also offering private classes for individuals or groups, and Yoga Teacher Training Mentoring.
Learn Thai Yoga Massage

Learn Thai Massage

Anyone can learn to perform Thai Yoga Massage! Perfect fit for LMTs, Yoga Instructors or anyone who wants to perform loving-kindness body work. We are a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) approved provider. Course available include Traditional Thai Massage Level 1, 2 & 3 to Certification (30hrs each); and Table Thai Massage Techniques Level 1,2 & 3 (12 hrs each). See upcoming dates! Click explore below.


I am so grateful to have found Anthony's courses of study in Thai Yoga Massage, and to have had the opportunity to complete the Level...

Michael (Todd) L., LMT

As Massage Therapist (since 1989) from California, I rarely came across a Thai Massage teacher. Dayton is truly blessed to have a bright light, and...

Tara G., LMT (Level 1 and 2 TYM)

Anthony you're incredible! I had my first Thai massage yesterday and don't think I have ever felt more relaxed in my life. My whole body...

Mary N.

When I leave your classes I always have to readjust the mirror in my car, because I sit so much taller after just an hour...

Catherine H., Behavioral Neuroscientist - WPAFB

I have been getting professional massages for over 25 years, and have been in physical therapy for 18 years for an arthritic neck. The best...

Bob P. REALTOR(r), e-PRO, Irongate Realtors Inc., Thai Yoga Massage Client

I have studied and received many healing arts including yoga, massage, acupressure, chi gong, healing touch therapy etc. The healing and release I received from...

Maureen H., Thai Yoga Massage Client

He safely stretched me further and deeper than I ever could on my own. Through Thai Yoga Massage I get a more restful night's sleep...

Sheila D., Thai Yoga Massage Client

I tried the Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage for the first time. I get all the benefits of the Breath Point Massage plus the deep...

David B., Auto Mechanic and Massage Client

I hurt my neck in a minor car accident. I was suffering from mild whiplash with reduced mobility of the left side. My medical doctor...

Cecelia M., Anthropologist and Research Scientist

Of all the different types of massage I've tried I enjoyed Anthony's Massage the best!

Janelle W., New Mother and Breath Point Massage Client

Anthony- I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my first Yoga class! I live with unbelievable back pain (sciatic nerve), but decided...

Barb S., First Time Yoga Student

I had been wanting to study yoga for years but could never afford it. I have seen by many doctors for my chronic pain, which...

M.B., Sinclair Community College Student

I think this class has helped me a lot. Not only have I learned a lot but I think my stress level has gone down...

Deana C.

I had a headache when I started class but it was gone when class was over.

Catherine T.

I had a lot on my mind today so being in class really helped. It honestly has calmed me down so much. It might sound...

Becky M.

I was kinda nervous. I thought I'd have to be flexible to do all the poses, but it isn't like that, and I'm glad. There...

Molly Quinn

I enjoyed the end of class (scanning my awareness). Totally blacked out in class. Didn't fall asleep, though. I just went somewhere nice and, all...

McDarren P., Jr.

When I left yoga class today, I had an increase in my energy level and balance. I felt good!

Scott T.

Yoga and meditation made me more sensitive to my physical needs, and this changed my life in many ways. Most of the time, I am...

Earl S.

I had a death in my family and Anthony helped me to stay calm with dhirga pranayama (the 3-part yogic breath).

Jillen A.

We are instructed to focus on our individual bodies. We're not suppose to "out do" each other. Non-violence and non-competition characterize what we're learning.

Anna N.

I have not experienced relaxation like yoga nidra since I was younger. As a parent, wife, student and worker I seem to not find time...

Elaine W.

After I complete the full routine of the sun salutation and lie in the corpse pose I really try to focus my attention inward and...

Elise D.

I was very tired today. I felt more energized after yoga. I think relaxing is a wake up call for my body. I should do...

Emily K

The class was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.

Michael B.

Yoga has been such a wonderful experience for me! The poses and breathing really help all parts of my life! My home life, my professional...

Michele H.

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