How To Schedule A Thai Yoga Massage

Call Anthony at (937) 299-7756 to book a massage appointment.  Massage sessions are $90 for one-and-one-half hours  (90 minutes).  You can also book a one hour session ($60).   Massages are available in your home for an additional $25 travel fee within ten miles of Dayton (excludes 30 minute sessions).

Table Thai Massage, Table Oil massage and Ayurvedic Massage with Shirodhara and Nadiswedhana is also available.  

I will try to accommodate same-day sessions but please try to book at least 24 hrs in advance.  You may pay for your session on line but please make voice (937-299-7756) or email contact ( to schedule. 

Please Note:  If you need to cancel or reschedule you appointment please do so at least 6 hours before your appointment to avoid a No Show-Failure to Cancel Fee of $25 for which you will be billed.

Thai Yoga Massage offers all the benefits of yoga therapy and massage in one modality. Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is performed fully clothed on the floor. Recipients experience a flowing dance of passive yoga-like stretches, with palming and thumbing along sen energy lines or meridians and marma points unique to TYM (Thai Yoga Massage).  TYM is also called Nuad Thai and is Thai Ayurvedic modality.

I use my palms, thumbs, elbows feet and forearms to massage you in supine, prone, side and sitting positions.  Watch your body unwind as I help you relax into modified assisted yoga postures, each adjusted to your unique body type and condition.

Clients report feeling balanced, relaxed, and yet energized at the same time after a session.   These benefits often last a few days after a session. Thai massages was a traditionally performed in Buddhist temples and was in fact part of a system of Thai Ayurvedic medicine which were designed to treat a host conditions, improve circulation, relieve muscular tension, strengthen the immune system, and balance the body energetically.   Like yoga this therapy is for men and women, young and old, fit and infirm. Anyone can benefit from Thai Massage.  You do not have to be fit, strong, flexible or healthy or be able to sit on the floor or know anything about yoga to receive it. Nuad Thai (Thai yoga massage in Thailand is considered not only a medical treatment for the body, but also a healing meditation for the mind and spirit.

What to Expect when You Schedule Massage

To schedule simply call Anthony at 937-299-7756 or email him at      He recommends you wear comfortable clothes, such as those you would wear to yoga practice. Massage cloths are offered at your session if you arrive wearing jeans, dresses or restrictive clothing. It is important not eat a heavy meal before a session. 

Massage sessions are available in 90-minute and 60-minute lengths, which cost $90 and $60 each.  Thai massage students, are eligible for discounted  sessions, because if you perform massage it is essential to regularly receive it! Click here or speak with Anthony to learn more about Thai massage classes.

Other Massage Modalities Available w Anthony

Oil Table Massage - $60/60 minutes: This traditional table oil massage (a blend of Swedish style massage with a few table Thai techniques) is administered on a table. It resembles a traditional medical or deep tissue massage.

Table Thai Massage- $90/90 minutes OR one hour for $60. Table Thai massages are performed on a table fully clothed. Using palming and thumbing techniques, the practitioner targets sen lines, or energy meridians, in conjunction with fewer dynamic poses (asana) and a greater emphasis on sen energy line.

Nadi Swedhana2  Hour Ayurveda Massage with Shirodhara and Nadi Swehana - $145/session:  Treat yourself to a relaxing vata pacifying oil massage which includes deeply relaxing pressurized steam treatment called nadi swehana, that targets aching joints the site of vata accumulation.  The Ayurvedic massage also includes shirodhara which consists of a gentle steady stream of warm oil stream on your forehead marma points soothing mental tension.  Well performed shirodhara induces a womb-like stillness and places the receiver into a deep yogic state of yoga nidra or reclining meditation.  This nurturing treatment performed with loving kindness is excellent for relieving a restless mind, pacifying stress and inviting deep healing.
Preparationrequires that you Please schedule Ayurvedic massage with Nadi swedhana and Shirodhara 24 hours in advance.

Treat yourself by Scheduling a relaxing healing arts therapy session today. We all deserve excellent self care and pampering now and then and massage is an excellent part of a personal health program for holistic well being.  Jai Bhagwan!