Tuition: $595 per Level.

Note: Early Registration Tuition Discount: $1500

You pay only $1500 for all three levels (Level 1, Level 2 Level 3) if paid in full on day the first day of Level 1).

Each Level cost $595. A $150 deposit is requested to reserve your space.  The $445  balance is due on day one of the course. Tuition includes a 3-hour private class to practice and review what you have learned. You may schedule this review to  up to one year after the class. 30 NCBTMB hrs. (Each course meets for 4 full days  from 9am -4:30pm and one half day from 9am to 1pm).

$1500 Early-Bird Discount:  Tuition for all three courses; Level 1-3 is only $1500 (save $ 285) if paid in full on the first day of Level 1.

 Level 1 Dates 2017-2018:

  • This is a 5-day Course
  • Times: 9am-4:30pm except day 5 ends at 1pm
  • OPTION 1- December 4-8, 2017 (Monday through Friday).
  • OPTION 2- January 4, 11, 18, 25, 246, 2018  (Four Thursdays and one Friday morning).

Please NOTE: If these dates don’t work for you I invite you to schedule your own dates.  All courses will go with 2 or more enrolled.

Level 1 Course Description:


In Level 1, students will establish a strong foundation for the practice of traditional Thai yoga massage.  You will learn a 90-minute floor sequence including:

  • How to Perform a one and one half hour Thai Yoga Massage
  • Guiding Principles, History & Philosophy
  • Touch Techniques Using Thumbs, Palms, Fingers, Knees, Feet, Forearms, and Elbows
  • Safe Practitioner’s Body Mechanics to Prevent Injury for a Life Time of Practice
  • Safe Stances,  Rhythmic Rocking & Touch Techniques
  • Proper Distance Intensity, Direction, and Flow.
  • How to Perform a Basic Massage.
  • Massage with Breath Awareness of Practitioner and Client
  • Principles of Loving Kindness (Metta) and Meditation in Motion
  • Introduction to Sen Energy Lines
  • Safe, Effortless Transitions
  • Contraindications and How to Adjust for Body Types
  • How to Interview  Interview, Evaluate & Retain Clients
  • Before, During, and After Care
  • Massage for Shoulders, Neck, Head, Face, Back, Arms, Hands, Legs, Abdomen, Feet, and Toes in Prone, Supine, and Seated Positions
  • Step-by-Step Guided Practice with Dozens of Thai Yoga Massage Maneuvers
  • Yoga Warm-ups & Meditative Awareness
  • Take this Course Again for Free at Anytime Working as an Assistant to the Instructor
  • 30 NCBTMB hours.

Yoga experience is helpful, but not required.  If you have never received Thai Massage it is recommended that you schedule a private 90-minute Thai yoga massage to receive what you will be learning.  Students who register for Level 1 qualify for a $50 discounted student rate of (save $40).

Level 2  Course Dates 2017:

OPTION 1: September 28,  October 4, 11, 18  & 19, 2017. (Four Saturdays and one Sunday morning).

OPTION 2 : November 7, 14, 21, 28, 29, 2017.  (Four Tuesdays and one Wed. morning).

Anyone who has taken Level 2 is invited to assist.   NCBTMB hrs.

Classes meet  9 a.m. –  4:30 p.m.  (last day ends at 1:00 p.m).

Tuition: $595 ($100 deposit) includes a 3-hour private review up to one year after the class.

Level 2 Course Description:

$595 ($100 deposit). Tuition includes a 3-hour private review up to one year after the class. 30 NCBTMB hrs.

This course includes 30 additional hours of instruction offered over 5 day. You’ll begin with a complete review of  Level 1 and add an additional 90 minutes to your practice including effortless flips, seamless transitions, and essential Side-lying positions. During this course, you’ll also learn:

  • Expanded Knowledge of Sen or Thai Energy Lines
  • Side Positions for Pregnancy $ Clients for whom Supine Positions are Contraindicated
  • Massage Customization for Different Body Types, Common Ailments, and how to Work with People of Different Shapes, Sizes, and Flexibility.
  • Learn what Move to Delete or Emphasize
  • 30 NCBTMB hours

Level 3 Course Dates:

January 9, 16, 23, 30, 31, 2018 (Four Tuesdays and one Wed. morning).

Dates are  chosen by continuing students.  30 NCBTMB hrs.  Level 3 and  documented practice completes your TYM CERTIFICATION. Tuition includes a 3-hour private review up to one year after the class.  Students who have completed Level 3 are invited to assist.

Level 3 Course Description:


The Thai yoga massage level three course is $595 with a $100 deposit. Your tuition includes a private class with the instructor, during which you will perform a massage and receive valuable feedback about your process. Those who have completed certification can receive reduced massages at $25. Some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • Advanced Massage Techniques in the Supine, Prone, Side-Lying, and Seated Positions
  • Expanded Thai Energy Lines and Touch Techniques
  • Contraindications and Case Studies for Creating Individual Sessions
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • How to Identify Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Dosha Constitutional Types
  • Yoga Asanas and Thai Massage According to Dosha
  • Dinachariya, or Daily Regimen, for Dosha
  • How to Work with Different Constitutions by Adjusting Pressure, Speed, and Technique
  • Introductory Theoretical Underpinnings of Yoga and Ayurveda Sister Sciences
  • Practical Application, Indications, and Protocols
  • Key Marmani, or Marma Points, Used in Thai Massage, as well as How to Use Them in Side-Lying Supine, Prone, Side, and Seated Positions
  • The Sen Sib or 10 Sen Lines of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
  • How to Locate the Lines from Anatomical Landmarks, as well as Intuit Their Pathways by Palming and Thumbing
  • Prana Nadis, Subtle Anatomy, and the Koshas


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