Bapuji On Love:

Note:  Bapuji means  “beloved father” and another name for Swami Kripalvanandaji  (Kripalu)

This is the essence of his message of love:
“Truly the wise proclaim that love is the only path, love is the only God, and love is the only scripture.

Impress this verse upon your mind and chant it constantly if you want to realize your deepest dreams. Only love purifies the body and mind. Love is the all-seeing divine eye and the wish-fulfilling touchstone.

As long as people focus on material objects and forget their spiritual development, they’ll remain unfulfilled. Yet it’s important for all of us to become realized as fully divine beings. We must develop our inner being to become love. We may beautify the world as much as we want, but without love it’s like decorating a corpse. To beautify this world, we must carry out experiments in love. Only the science of love can bring unity and remove the separation among all living beings.

Love brings union by healing the split between the body, mind, and heart. United, they merge with the soul just as countless rivers and streams merge into the vast ocean. Without love, light cannot be kindled in our hearts, our homes, or in the world.

The Lord is certainly very clever, for He preserves the nectar of love in the heart of each living being. When someone opens the door of their heart to satisfy another’s thirst for love, then the recipient’s heart also opens. Thus by allowing the other’s love to enter their hearts, they’re both fulfilled.

The only guide on the true path, and the only thing that draws another human being toward love, is God’s ambassador, and that is love itself. The path of love is very ancient. When I was born I received the initiation of love. Now with that same love I initiate everyone else. Countless times I dipped into the world’s highest scriptures and received only love from them.

Love is my only path. In fact, I am a pilgrim on the path of Love”.